New Location!!

Exciting times ahead for Dans Martial Arts

You'd all know by now that on September 10 2016 we had our last class at 329 Pascoe Vale Road. After three solid and at times, testing weeks of blood sweat and tears, we are so excited to open our doors tonight and run our first classes.

The team have worked so hard to get the place ready in time for this week and probably deserve a well earned rest. But they love the club too much, so they'll be back in classes this week. We're so proud of what we have achieved in the last three weeks. The place looks incredible and it's got such a great vibe. Special shout outs to Zac who built half of the new club, Kendall and Josh who have busted their behinds painting, moving and cleaning, Andrew for all the technical work he's done, Elyse, James, Hayley and Shaun for all the remaining bits and pieces they've done, and to Dan who's managed to do two jobs, build a house and re-locate the club without cracking like the rest of us. And an especially big thank you to Dan's wife Kerry for her tireless cleaning and sorting of the mountains of equipment and paperwork that we have.

Classes and instructors remain as per last term in term 4, with the exception of a new open mat practice class open to all levels. This class will be supervised by a black belt instructor who will be there to answer any questions you may have. This will be especially useful for extra grading practice. It could be the difference between an A+ and a distinction result.

For the DMA team, the move means a fresh start and fresh motivation. We're all striving to make the club better than it already is. We want our students to be the happiest, most satisfied and best Taekwondo martial artists going around so be prepared for a harder but more fulfilling term ahead.

See you in the club soon!

Team DMA