Adult Classes

Adult Classes Adult Classes

Our adult classes are for 15 and above, with no age limit adults with any fitness level can join our classes for self defence, fitness or just social recreation. Come by yourself or with a friend to refine your team work skills and confidence. A typical class starts with a group warm up and usually includes self defences, training for upcoming competitions and discipline based traditional taekwondo. Taking part in our classes not only helps to improve focus but also your interpersonal skills.

So come on down and check out our classes at Dans Martial Arts.

We invite you to trial program.

If you feel pumped and excited,

we can talk about the process of joining our family club.


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We also have a special introductory program so you can get one-on-one attention with a master blackbelt.

Introduction to Taekwondo Program - Normally $29, for a limited time, It's FREE

1hr course with a master blackbelt instructor and a group lesson.

We've created a 1hr course especially for beginners. You'll have 1 on 1 time with an experienced instructor.

This course will be broken down into easy sections:

  1. Close quarter self defence
  2. Basic defence against a knife
  3. How to escape from basic holds
  4. Techniques on how to avoid dangerous situations
  5. Understanding body language

Once you have completed your private lesson we then book you in for a class with other beginners. You can try the whole package before you join. No risk to you. If you are not absolutely pumped about joining our family club then just walk away. Absolutely no risk to you.

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