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Private Self Defence Course Private Self Defence Course

Have you always wanted to know if you could defend yourself if the situation called for it?

This intensive private session will teach you practical, simple techniques that can get you out of trouble. Anyone can do it!

The key learnings from this session are:

  1. How to defend against a knife attack
  2. How to defend against 1 attacker
  3. What to do if you’re pinned to the wall
  4. How to assess dangerous situations
  5. How to escape from simple holds
  6. How to execute simple but effective strikes to disable the opponent

We’ll give you a workbook to help you remember the techniques learned in this session.

Once we’re done with the self defence portion, we take you to the gym to assess your current fitness and agility level and set some goals to help improve speed, strength and confidence.

This 1hr private self defence lesson only $79 per lesson.

Recommended for 8 years old and above.

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