Self Defence for Women

Self Defence For Women Self Defence For Women

Can a woman really defend herself against an attacker of any size? The answer... absolutely! If you are given key lessons as to best use your body to loosen holds and use your surrounding environment, there is nothing to say that you cannot defend an attack and get away.

Are you in good physical shape? Do you know how to use the element of surprise to give yourself the winning advantage? Do you know how to turn ordinary items into powerful fighting weapons? With these advantages, you give yourself the best chance of escape. You may even defeat your opponent.

Unfortunately, the martial arts world in general has given women the wrong impression. They tell women that they can defeat a man only with traditional techniques. It is more realistic that when attacked, we automatically go into fight or flight. It is important to know simple techniques you can draw upon instinctively to get out of danger.

Our self defence instructors will teach practical, simple techniques that can be applied to multiple situations so that your body can develop the muscle memory response that is required.

We've created an intense 2hr course especially for women. Course will be broken down into easy sections:

  1. Close quarter self defence
  2. Basic defence against a knife
  3. How to deal in a nightclub situation
  4. How to escape from holds
  5. Techniques on how to avoid dangerous situations
  6. Understanding body language
  7. Workplace aggression and violence education

The course above offered goes for a 2 hour period and will be carried out by a female instructor.

Price per person: $59.95 for 2hr class

Class Times: 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Please check event dates to view when classes are available. Classes are dependent on numbers so bookings are essential.

Alternatively, if you have a group of at least 6 people. We can organise a group class on your preferred date.

Venue: Dans Martial Arts, 7/9 Dawson Street, Coburg North

What to Wear: Comfy clothes so you can move and be flexible with the techniques.

Please also bring a Water Bottle.

To book in, discuss Group Bookings for your group of friends and family, Business or Corporation, or to find out more information about the next upcoming class please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or please call Dan on mobile: 0438 454 327

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